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Lenny Lamb

Lenny Lamb Wrap - Horizon's Verge

100% of natural cotton

Jacquard Weave 100% Cotton

to create baby slings and baby carriers, we used pure cotton dyed in a safe way for children, not containing heavy metals and toxic substances, produced in Poland.

HORIZON’S VERGE by LennyLamb is another piece of art we translated into a wrap. It is a reproduction of the the Flammarion engraving - a wood engraving by an unknown artist, so named because its first documented appearance is in Camille Flammarion's 1888 book L'atmosphère: météorologie populaire ("The Atmosphere: Popular Meteorology"). The design has been created with the highest precision to give away the craft and the artistry of its creator.


The engraving depicts a man crossing the horizon’s verge and discovering the enchanting realm of a different world.

This wrap combines the everyday with the sophisticated. It provides help in doing things you do daily and at the same time enables you dream away beyond the horizon’s verge.