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March 29, 2017

Why babywear?

I think most new mums stumble into baby wearing through someone giving them an old carrier of some sort. I know when I had my first daughter (3years ago) I was given an old carrier and I thought it was a nice way to get the cuddles in when my daughter didn’t want to be put down… ever!! But I found for me it hurt my back and my daughter didn’t like it and seemed uncomfortable, and it got too small very fast.

I spent almost 6 months with a baby who didn’t sleep in the day unless they were on me (and it was for short cat naps) and I spent hours on hours every night carrying her around and rocking her to sleep (with no carrier) I finally did a heap of research and decided on a Tula, this was my first carrier I loved. I was so excited to have it arrive in the mail, I pulled it open scooped up my 6month old and put her in, and I was so surprised how supportive and super easy it was, and better yet she loved it!

I remember the first time I went down the street with the carrier (I used a pram all the time before then) and I couldn’t believe how handy it was to not have to lug a big pram around, and bump into everything a the nice homeware stores.

Night times turned onto me popping her in the Tula, and jigging around the house tiding up after a big day and she would fall asleep, and better yet would transfer ok to bed. I used it ALL the time and couldn't believe I hadn't found it sooner.

From there I went down the rabbit hole of babywearing and all the different prints and carriers you could get!

Having a baby carrier was one of the best tools in my parenting kit and now that we are expecting baby #3 that hasn't changed, they have been used daily with all of my children and have given me a sense of calm and closeness with my babies that I am not sure I would have found with out them.

There is a big difference between carriers so if you would like help in choosing the right one for your and your little one then send us a message. We are happy to help!

Vanita xo

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