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Diva Milano Woven Wraps

Diva Milano Wraps and Slingsare made from a unique, diagonal-weave fabric of optimum thickness and thread count, specially designed for carrying children. Its final features combine:

- medium-thickness with a perfect 'breathability' for full comfort right through summer;

jacquard design to provide proper grippiness and full support for heavier children.

Diva Milano fabrics go through final processing with vapor after weave. This and high quality yarn make the Diva Sling soft straight from the box.

Only Egyptian cotton is used in production of Diva Milano wraps. This is the finest and most expensive type of cotton with extra-long staples, usually produced by luxury brands' bed linen and clothes, often mixed with silk. This cotton plant produces long, thin fibers that won't pill. Threads are light but strong, silky and soft. With proper care, baby wraps from Egyptian cotton will last several decades, which justifies a higher price tag. 

Cotton used in Diva Milano is certified with Oeco-Tex Standard 100.

Surface density of Diva Milano fabric varies around 200-220 g/m2, depending on the collection and blend. Surface density of Diva Essenza 100% cotton fabric 250 g/m2, cotton/linen is 255 g/m2. 

Diva Milano wrap has a form of parallelogram, with tails 20cm long. The wrap size is measured by one side and includes one tail. Diva Milano wrap has a generous cut with enough length for shrinkage after wash.

Middle marks (with DIVA MILANO sign) are placed on both rails, one on the face and one on the wrong side. Rails and tails are very carefully sewn.

Diva Milano sling is packed in a beatifully done strengthened carton box. Diva Milano can be a great newborn gift.

Diva Milano Wrap Sizing

The DIVA Woven Wraparound Sling is available in sizes XS (3.7m), S (4.2m), M (4.6m), L (5.2m) and XL (5.7m). The right size will depend on your own measurements and how you prefer to carry your baby.

The medium-sized sling (4.6m) is generally suitable for most adults and carrying styles, the 5.2m sling might be better for larger adults and/or babies.

Diva Milano Wrap tails are 20cm long, it has a generous cut with enough length for shrinkage after wash. 

Diva Essenza wraps are available only in sizes S (4.2m), M (4.6m), L (5.2m).


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