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Wrap Sizing

Comparison of Soft Structured Carriers
Tula Baby Carrier
Suitable from birth (when seperate Infant Insert purchased) to at least 18months but generally longer, can hold up to 20kg
Toddler Tula Carrier
Suitable from around 18months or 83cm length and can hold up to 22kg.
Kokadi Flip/TaiTai Baby
Suitable from birth without an infant insert as carrier is highly adjustable up until 12-18months or 15kg
Kokadi Flip/TaiTai Toddler
Suitable from around 12months until 2.5-3years or 15kg
Boba 4G
Suitable from birth (inbuilt insert),can hold up to 20kg. It also comes with leg supports for toddlers.
Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier Baby
Suitable from around 6kg (around 5months), can hold up to 20kg
Lenny Lamb Ergonomic Carrier Toddler
Suitable from around 12months, can hold up to 20kg
Suitable from birth (inbuilt insert), can hold up to 20kg
Suitable from birth (when separate Infant Insert purchased), can hold up to 20kg
Moby Go
Suitable from 6.5kg and can hold up to 21kg