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Boba X Adjustable Seat Carrier - Abodo

The Boba X has it all! A wonderfully comfortable carrier with all the features you need, but is super simple to use.

Boba Carriers have always been renowned for simplicity and style in their carriers, and the Boba X takes this to a new level. 

Boba X can be used from newborn to toddler, making this carrier wonderful value and the only carrier you need up until your child reaches 20kg..

While many carriers need an infant insert or have set positions for different ages, the Boba X uses a sliding adjustment which means you can micro adjust the carrier base to fit perfectly from newborn and beyond.

What makes the Boba X so awesome?

  • Micro-adjusts  to  your  little  one  AND  to  you!
  • Offers  knee  to  knee  support  for  both  your  fresh  newborn  and  your  walking  toddler
  • Provides  the  total  coverage  of  a  wrap  but  has  the  ease  of  a  buckle  carrier.
  • Regulates  in  width  and  height  without  looping,  snapping  and  rebuilding  the  carrier
  • Allows  for  quick  height  modifications  for  arms  out  toddler,  breastfeeding or sleeping  baby  neck
  • Achieves  the  optimal  seat  with  one  smooth  slide  and  locks  in  place  with  a  flat  press  of  your  hand.
  • Grows  with  your  baby!  No  more  trying  to  fit  into  three  rigid  stages  of  development/adjustments.
  • Conforms toyour baby instead  of  your baby conforming to the carrier.  
  • Fine tunes  like  no other buckle carrier!


Core Features:

  • Straps can be worn crossed or back-pack style
  • Sliding rail for easy chest strap adjustment
  • Micro-adjustable seat width and panel height
  • Perfect Fit Adjusters 
  • Hood - removable, fits in pocket, adjustable, used as extra neck support.
  • 2 zippered storage pockets
  • Hand-bag straps on both shoulder straps
  • Chest strap on smooth sliders that adjusts with a simple movement.
  • Elastic give on chest strap will make your whole carrying experience more flexible and comfortable.

Size information:

Suitable for 3kg to 20kg. 

Panel size adjusts from approx 19cm to 53cm (with toddler extenders attached).


  • 3-7kg adjust to size you need
  • 7-11kg approx use the full width
  • 11-20kg approx use the toddler extenders.


Panel height adjusts from approx 25cm to 40cm.

Waist band adjusts from approx 65cm to 150cm.