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Claessens Kids

Claessens Kids Sleep My Dream - Sleep Training Tool

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Finally a portable, battery operated sleep trainer!  That is actually small enough to be portable!

Kid Sleep My Dream is not actually a sleep trainer ?clock? but it is an amazing cuddly that your child can use to determine if it is still sleep time or time to get up. 

Pressing on the head of the adorable little bunny will glow either blue (sleep time) or yellow (awake time).

Simple and adorable, it gives your child the opportunity to work out if they should snuggle back down with their bunny or time to get up.

For parents, The Kid Sleep My Dream gives you another tool in your arsenal against early waking! You can ask your child if their bunny says it?s time to get up. It?s up to bunny, not mum or dad!.


How does it work?

1. Mum or Dad sets the sleeping time and waking time on the illumination module (which fits inside the bunny).

2. Set the illumination time between 1 second and 9 minutes. The shorter you set the illumination time, the longer your batteries will last for.

3. The front of the skirt comes rolled & secured with 2 stitches. Snip these to have the skirt unrolled and circular right round the bunny.

4. Press the head to determine if it?s wake up or sleeping time. 


  • My Dream uses 3 x AAA batteries (not included). Please use Good Quality Batteries.
  • The shorter you set the illumination time, the longer your batteries will last for.


When can I introduce Kid Sleep My Dream?

You can take out the illumination module anduse it as a regular comforter with a baby (we recommend plush comforters from 6 months minimum).

To usethe sleep/wake module, it would be most effective once your child is old enough to know what the different colours mean. Experience selling sleep clocks for 10 years suggests around age 2 is the minimum age this type of understanding develops.


How does this help withtravel?

Often children who are used to a sleep trainer clock at home will wake early in an unfamiliar environment and have no idea what time it is. having their My Dream on hand makes it easy to check if it?s wake or sleep time.

The My Dream is alsoa soft, cuddly comforter...and like all comforters, it is a sleep association. having it is reassuring, it reminds your child when it?s sleep time and it?s a familiar sleep item from home.

My Dream is also small and compact, easy to pack and easy to replace batteries should you need to.

In fact, early in the morning, everything around the child seems to point out that it is actually time to get up: the light, the first noises of the morning, the chirping of the birds.. and yet it is wrong! And by the way, which adult has never been embarrassed when on a particular morning he did not have a watch to indicate that he could still get some? or even a lot of sleep!