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Kokadi Baby Size Flip Z - 99 Liberty Stars (Limited Edition)

Our first baby carrier with an innovative, centered waist belt. The new kokadi waist  can be opened by left-handed and right-handed people very good. Another new feature is the safety buckle, which also replaces the former safety rubber band. The new kokadi waist belt is more comfortable and easier to use.This product can not be combined with extennsion accessories/straps. It fits from S - XXL

This flip is created with a incredible weaving, developed  by kokadi.  The colors are even more intense, the softness is amazing!  Especially we’ve chosen a higher weight to support parents wearing toddlers as well. Developed with love for connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Material: 100% organic cotton
Color: blue/ red
weight: 279 g/m2
weaving: Jacquard-Allure-weaving

The perfect alternative to a baby wrap!

Finally united: A practical carrier, simple to put on with high-quality kokadi baby wrap fabric!

The kokadi Flip baby carrier is a so-called Full Buckle carrier. That means the waist belt and the shoulder straps can be closed and opened with buckles. The kokadi Flip Baby Carrier is made of woven baby sling fabric at the back panel. This feature offers a very high comfort for parents and children.

The headrest is also completely made of sling fabric and can be attached to the shoulder straps. It supports the child's head when it’s asleep. The headrest can be used as headgear for protection against sun, wind and rain. Furthermore, rolled up and buttoned in the shoulder straps it 's a additional neck support.


Width of panel:

kokadi FLIP Toddlersize 47 cm

kokadi FLIP Babysize 42 cm

kokadi TaiTai Toddlersize 47cm

kokadi Taitai Babysize 42 cm


Size of the back part:

kokadi FLIP Toddlersize 38 cm 

kokadi FLIP Babysize 34 cm

kokadi TaiTai Toddlersize  38 cm

kokadi Taitai Babysize 34 cm