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March 29, 2017 1 Comment

Best Baby Carrier for your Newborn 2017 - (Buckle Carriers)

Congratulations on your little bundle :)

So you have decided that you would like a carrier, but feel overwhelmed and lost in all the choice…. well your not alone! :)

There's lots of options when it comes to choosing a carrier for your newborn, today I want to specifically look at the best options when it comes to buckled carriers, or soft structured baby carriers as they are also known.

Buckle baby carriers are very simple and fast to use. They generally have a clip around the waist and one behind your shoulders. So once you have the carrier adjusted to fit you, you will only ever need to do up those two buckles and you are on your way!

Here are some favourites of my favourites for newborns! 

Ergobaby Adapt 

The Ergo Adapt is a new carrier from Ergobaby. The Adapt is a compact, easy to use, and is adjustable from birth to toddler (3.2kg - 20kg). The carrier is appropriate for newborns and can be used on your front, back and hip! The straps can be crossed at the back which can provide extra support for you. The Ergo Adapt also has additional back (lumbar) support for the wearer and additional neck support for baby and is designed so that baby is in the correct ergonomic position. The Adapt is made from a lightweight cotton canvas, and comes with a hood.

Tula Free-To-Grow Carrier

New to the market in 2017, this carrier has an innovative design making it perfect for a newborn 3.2kg through to toddler 20kg. It has several seat width adjustments, as well as adjustments to the height of the back panel to adjust as baby grows. The carrier can be used on your front and back and comes with a detachable hood. It is made from a soft 'Twill' fabric making it quite soft and breathable. It has padded straps and waist belt and is suitable for plus size wearers with a waist belt that can be extended to around 145cm long. The carrier holds baby in the ergonomic position and is comfortable for long durations.

Kokadi Flip (Baby Size) 

Kokadi Flips are fully adjustable at the base of the carrier so that you can clinch the base into a narrow position to suit a newborn baby (3.5kg) and then widen the base as they grow (up to 12-18months or 15kg). There is no need to purchase any additional extras with this carrier. Kokadi Flips come with a sleep hood, that can be used as a hood to cover baby from the sun/rain or discreetly breastfeed. The hood can be rolled down to make a little additional neck support for baby. The Kokadi Flips are made from Kokadi Woven Wrap material making them very breathable, generally quite cool for warmer weather and very soft for baby. The shoulder straps on a Kokadi Flip can be crossed if you like (however I have found I like them best not crossed). They are also a great option for more petite wearers as it is a slightly more compact, smaller fit carrier. They have lightly padded shoulder and waist strap.

Lillebaby Complete

Lillebaby Complete have a fully adjustable base (seat) making them suitable from newborn to toddler (3.5kg to 20kg). They have additional Lumbar back support as well as additional head/neck support for baby. You can cross the straps of the Lillebaby and also wear baby on your front, back, hip and with baby on your front facing outwards. Some models (Lillebaby Complete All Seasons) have a zip down panel in the body of the carrier which reveals mesh for summer making it idea for 'All Seasons'. This carrier has a waist belt of 132cm.


So there is a brief run down of my top picks for buckle baby carriers for newborn that are suitable through to toddlerhood. That may help you to narrow down some features that you want in your carrier.

We are always more than happy to help you chose the right carrier for you and answer any questions. Just comment below or send an email :)

Enjoy all those snuggles!

Vanita xo

1 Response


April 04, 2017

Hi there,
I would love some help in choosing a baby carrier! I like the idea of one that can be used from newborn to toddler and also can be used for baby facing inwards or outwards and can be worn on front and back. Are you able to tell me which carriers would work for this?
Thank you for your help!

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