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Boba Stretchy Wrap - Trikotnik (Limited Edition)

The Wrap-Style Baby Carrier That Started It All

Three interconnected triangles on a neutral gray. This wrap will give you a little texture and match whatever you are wearing. Triangles are simple but deep...

When trying to find new designs for our Boba Wrap, Boba co-founder, Elizabeth, was inspired by a trip to a coffee shop: Last summer, I saw a husband and wife at the Trident coffee shop in Boulder with a baby on their lap and matching triangle tattoos on their legs. They called them a lover's tattoo.

Triangles are simple, but deep. My mind started to wander and my Irish Catholic heritage led me to think of St. Patrick's trinity.  There are lots of trinities - Past, present and future. Mind, body and spirit. And then the thought of mother, father and child. Yes!

So I searched through my slew of favorite textile artists and scrolling down through hundreds of designs, there it was, on a gray linen background three interconnected triangles. Then I knew, this design would be a baby wrap. I named it Trikotnik (tree-coat-neek). Say it like you are a proud Slav.  It means "triangle" in Slovenian. The native land of my wonderful husband- one of the corners of my life.

You can see Elizabeth wearing her youngest, Dimitri, in one of the photos, taken by her daughter, Gloria.


Meet the baby wrap that’s literally built to roam. From birth to around 18 months, nothing takes you farther than the essential Boba Wrap. It’s free of buckles, straps and snaps and ties up into the perfect fit every time—just a couple of practice runs with our wrap instructions and you’ll be a total pro. Now you too can fall in love with the wrap-style carrier that lets you wander the world with baby in tow—your voice and heartbeat soothing every step along the way.


  • Easy front and infant tying styles suit the way you move
  • Machine washable for the easiest of cleans
  • Hands-free adventuring in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Soft, stretchy material for flexible comfort that lasts
  • Simple and supportive from every angle
  • Breastfeeding-ready any time and anywhere