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Claessens Kids

Claessens Kids Sleep Moon - Sleep Training Clock

While there are now a number of sleep trainer clocks available, the original sleep trainer clock was designed in Switzerland by Claessens Kids. And now we are delighted to add these innovative, award winning and life changing products to The Sleep Store’s range.

Using the Kids Moon Sleep Clock will help everyone get more sleep. Your child will be able to see when it’s nearly time to get up and when it is morning time. All time settings are adjustable, and there are different time settings for weekday mornings, nap time and the weekend.

The Kid Sleep Moon Sleep Trainer Clock has the best range of functions we have seen in a sleep trainer clock.  It is highly configurable and packed with features including.

  • Operates as traditional night light - as well as sleep trainer clock
  • 3 settings for night-time, nap time and weekend wake-up
  • 4 choices of wake-up alarm plus a silent mode
  • 4 levels of brightness - adjusted easily with a button
  • 4 choices of lullaby including heartbeat and running water (non-continuous)
  • ’Go to Sleep’ cycle as well as ’Wake up’ cycle


Age suitability:

You can use this clock from birth as a nightlight and sound machine.

We recommend the sleep trainer functions from about 2 1/2 years old.


Highly Adjustable

The Kids Sleep Moon sleep traininer clock has many functions, and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your family.  The following settings can be adjusted in the clock’s menu:

  • Choice of 4 alarms and alarm volume
  • Choice of 4 lullabies and lullaby volume
  • Choose setting sun or emptying hourglass for ’Go to Sleep’ routine
  • Set wake up time for weekday wake up, weekend wake up, and afternoon nap
  • Adjust night light to light up half or full screen
  • Choose setting moon or emptying hourglass for ’Wake up Process’
  • Use Kids Sleep Moon with our without light on LCD display

In addition, the following functions can be easily adjusted using the buttons on the clock:

  • Brightness (4 settings)
  • Melody choice
  • Go to Sleep routine
  • Alarm on/off
  • Week/weekend wake up time (switch between)


Nearly bedtime:

In the evening, there is an adjustable sunset time, to show your child it is nearly time for sleep.


Sleep time mode:

Through the night, the clock can be used from birth as a traditional nightlight.

There are 4 choices of sounds - 2 lullabies, fountain and uterine heartbeat. These play for 3 minutes and then automatically shut off


Nearly time to wake up:

In the morning, when the moon begins to set (you can adjust the duration), the child knows it’s nearly time to get up!  During this time, your child could read books or play quietly in their room, or stay in bed! Other sleep trainer clocks don’t have this function, and we think it’s really clever and gives parents lots of options for children who continue to wake early.

Wake Up:

When it is your designated wake up time, the character displayed can be accompanied by any of the 4 choices of alarm or no noise (which means your child may stay asleep!).

There are 4 levels of brightness for the wake-up function too.



Designed in Switzerland, made in China, with NZ / AU plug.

The clock does not tick as it is digital.

While we recommend using the clock plugged in, it can also operate with 3 AAA batteries.