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Fidella Fly Tai - MeiTai babycarrier Limited Edition- Sirens -blue linen (Baby Size from Birth)

Baby Carrier Fidella Fly Tai Baby Size - Limited Edition - Sirens Linen Blue

Come with us to an exciting travel to the mystic underwater world of the sirens. The waves carry you softly, you enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the wind tells you our new secret: blue 60% organic cotton paired with white 40% linen bring you the fresh, new baby carrier produced with the jacquard weaving -classic- with colors for summer.

The Fidella Fly Tai baby size is made of high quality sling fabric and has a surface weight of 205 g/m².

Linen cools you while the summer sun shines on you. The leg holes are padded offering you sprout a super comfortable carrying experience up to a weight of 15 kg.

Thanks to the adjustable bridge of 11-37 cm your baby sits comfortable in the spread-squat-position. You can wear this wrap conversion apron and non-apron style or adjust the back panel between 26-36 cm according to your sprout.

The wearer should have a clothing size from XS (32) to XXL (52). The waist belt is adjustable from 57-190 cm.

Follow us into the magical world of the sirens!

Special features of the Fidella Fly Tai Baby Size in one view: 

  • Jacquard weaving -classic-
  • 60% organic cotton, 40% linen
  • 205 g/m2 surface weight
  • Up to 15 kg
  • Useable from birth
  • Padded leg holes
  • Adjustable bridge: 11-37 cm
  • Back panel: 26-36 cm
  • Spread-squat-position
  • Clothing sizes XS (32) to XXL (52)
  • Adjustable waist belt 57-190 cm