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Fidella Onbuhimo back carrier - Kaleidoscope - sand

Take what you need! Preferably a piece of memory from childhood. Colorful bits of glass in a pipe which you turn and create beautiful patterns. Our Fidella Design Kaleidoscope -sand- lets us discover beautiful shapes and patterns once more.

The Onbuhimo Back Carrier originates from Japan but it gained a lot of popularity here as well. The Onbuhimo is a back carrier that is put on and off very fast and thanks to this convinces even faster. The back carrier is especially great for little children from sitting age (body size of approx. 80 cm) who are curious and also like to explore the big world on their own.

Lifting kids between 10 and max. 30 kg is no problem with the Fidella Onbuhimo. The sling cloth of the back carrier is made of 100% organic cotton and is produced with the jacquard -triweave-. The surface weight is 205 g/m². Clothing sizes XS, 32 up to XXL, 52can wear the back carrier without complications.The shoulder strings can be adjusted between 32 and 98 cm. The steplessly adjustable back panel (30-45 cm) and the modifiable bridge (15-50 cm) allow for modification to be made to suit the carrier to your kid's needs.

The backpack principle offer a great deal of comfort for the wearer and allows it, due to the missing waist belt, to be used by pregnant moms. The Onbuhimo back carriers supports the spread squat position of your child as well.

Advantages of the Fidella Onbuhimo Back Carrier Kaleidoscope -sand- in the overview:

  • Can carry weights of 10 to max. 30 kg. 
  •  Clothing sizes XS, 32 to XXL, 52
  • Shoulder Strings adjustable between 32 and 98 cm
  • Jacquard Weaving Classic
  • 100% organic cotton
  • Surface weight of 205 g/m2
  • Backpack principle
  • Steplessly adjustable back panel: 30-45 cm
  • Adjustable bridge: 15-50 cm
  • Back Carrier
  • Supports the recommended spread squat position

This carrier fulfills the US American safety standards ASTM F2236-14 and the European safety standards CEN/TR 16512-2015