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Little Mashies

Little Mashies - Reusable Food Pouches 2PK (Orange)

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Little Mashies are Australia's highest quality reusable food pouches. Because of their unique curved shape they are easy to clean and the wide 11cm anti-leak ziplock makes Little Mashies food pouches super easy to fill and incredibly strong.

Kids of all ages LOVE the Little Mashies monsters, and that makes it super easy to feed them healthy, nutritious food no matter how fussy or tired they are. When children see Little Mashies they get excited, their eyes light up and they can't wait to get their hands on them. Here at Little Mashies we really care about our children's health so we provide you with delicious healthy recipes to put inside your reusable food pouches.

Little Mashies are great for home made yoghurt, perfect for pureed food, thick smoothies, chia puddings, ice-cream, and of course for storing baby food. Little Mashies make it really easy for you to give your child healthy and nutritious food which is additive, preservative and sugar free. As we always say here at Little Mashies HQ "It's what's inside that counts". At Little Mashies it's not just about food pouches. We continuously strive to make it quick and easy for busy households to afford and prepare delicious healthy food for children of all ages. Join thousands of parents from around the world and make meal time easy with Little Mashies.

Little Mashies food pouches are BPA Free, Phthalate Free, PVC Free and Lead Free. 

Eco Friendly
Our Little Mashies reusable baby food pouches are recyclable and reusable up to 100 times. All of our packaging and brochures are made from recycled materials and at every stage of our business we use the best practice to be environmentally friendly. Our factory has above standard working conditions and we strive to continually improve wherever we can.

Curved Shape
It's easy! There are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck so cleaning is an absolute breeze. This saves time and that makes us happy! There is nothing worse that getting frustrated with fiddily products. Little Mashies have a patent pending shape that was designed to make life easy for mums.

Anti-Leak Ziplock
Little Mashies reusable food pouches not only have a double ziplock but in 2015 we introduced an original newly developed anti-leak technology which makes our ziplocks even sturdier!

Cute Graphics
Our Little Mashies monsters make meal times fun! This makes it easier for parents to feed their children healthy food which sometimes might not be received well. We receive hundreds of emails every month thanking us for the help that Little Mashies provide during times where children are either tired, fussy or sick. Kids of all ages get excited to eat out of Little Mashies.  

Quality Design
We make our Little Mashies with the best components available and this is why they last so long. At every stage of production we choose the best because we know that when it comes to our kids only the best will do.