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Tula Baby Carrier Standard - Coast Maze

Coast 'Maze' has a simple yellow and white lines overlapping to create an intricate geometric pattern. Coast 'Maze' is made with our bright aqua canvas material and a ventilated aqua mesh center panel and hood. Our Coast carriers offer a reinterpretation of Baby Tula's original framed panel design which creates a ventilated carrier perfectly suited for active lifestyles and warm weather locales.

Tula Baby Carrier 

  • Can be used for both front and back carries
  • Can be used from 7-20kg (15-45 pounds) (baby sized carriers) 
  • Baby sized carrier can be used from birth in combination with Tula Infant Insert* (sold separately)
  • Provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body
  • Easy to care for and machine washable
  • Removable hood included in same colour as the canvas
  • Large front pocket on the contouring hip belt
  • Highest quality Duraflex buckles
  • Dual-adjustment straps, provide the perfect fit
  • Extra padding around leg-opening for baby’s comfort
  • Supportive shoulder padding for your optimal comfort
  • Hand-made from 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified canvas and cotton design over top of body of carrier
  • Instruction brochure

*Infants weighing 3.5kg - 7kg (7 - 15 pounds) must use the Tula Infant Insert (sold separately). Infants more than 7kg (15 pounds) must continue using the Tula Infant Insert with the Tula Baby Carrier until the baby can hold head up consistently for an extended period of time, and is tall enough to be placed in a fully seated position with knees dangling freely at a right angle.  


  • Baby Size Carrier Panel Measures 39cm (15.5") tall, 38cm (15”) wide at the seat, and 43cm (17”) wide at the top.
  • Baby Size Padded Shoulder Straps measure 51cm (20”) when not expanded and 58.5cm (23”) when expanded. The webbing attached to the strap is an additional 73.5cm (29”) long.
  • Hip Belt Measures 14cm (5.5") tall and 68.5cm (27") wide.  Additional webbing extends approximately 76cm (30”) (waistband total of ~ 145cm (57”) long).
  • Weight of the carrier: 900g.

Front Carry Instructions

  1. Secure the waist belt by fastening the buckle. The male buckle should be fed under the elastic on the waist belt and into the family buckle until it clicks. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable strap. The carrier’s panel should be centered on your body.
  2. Hold your child so that he can wrap his legs around your waist.
  3. Use one hand to support the child while using the other to lift the panel up behind the child’s back.
  4. While supporting the child with one arm, slip the other arm into the strap.
  5. Now, slip the other arm into the other strap. Make sure your child’s bottom is deep in the panel just above the waist belt.
  6. Buckle the chest behind your shoulders to secure your child in the carrier.
  7. Adjust the carrier so that your child is comfortable and close to your body by pulling on the adjustable straps for a snug fit.

 Back Carry Instructions


  1. Secure the waist belt by fastening the buckle. The male buckle should be fed under the elastic on the waist belt and into the female buckle until it clicks. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable strap. The carrier’s panel should be centered on your body. Slip the strap over one arm.
  2. Place your child on your hip. Use the arm that is free from the strap to rotate your child from the hip position into the carrier while using the arm in the strap to secure your child (please have someone assist you until you feel comfortable to perform this step on your own).
  3. Lean forward slightly so that you child is resting his weight on your back while your child is rotating from the hip position, and keep his weight secured by your other arm.
  4. Pull the panel up with your free arm and slip your free arm through the second strap as thought you were putting on a backpack strap, maintaining a slight forward lean to help control baby’s weight.
  5. Make sure your child’s bottom is deep in the panel, just above the waist belt by pulling the top of the panel upward via the straps while gently bouncing the child into the carrier panel.
  6. Pull the adjustable straps for a snug and secure fit.

We do not recommend back carrying your child until 12 months, or until baby has strong and consistent head, neck, and torso control, and can push him or herself independently into, and remain in, a seated position on a consistent basis.

 Infant Insert Instructions


  1. Lay the infant insert on a safe, flat surface. Lay your baby on the insert. Make sure that the insert is aligned with baby's neck to provide neck support. Lift the harness belt up through in between your baby's legs.
  2. Secure the hook and loop closure on each strap to the bottom and back of the insert (there should be three prats of the harness that are secured).
  3. The insert should cover baby's stomach and it should reach somewhere at or around the belly button.
  4. Secure the waist belt by fasting the buckle. Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable strap. The carrier's body panel should be centered to your body.
  5. Lift your baby, along with the insert.
  6. Bring your baby, in the insert, to your chest and hold it close and high enough, where you are able to kiss your baby's head.
  7. While holding your baby with one hand, use your other hand to lift up the Tula body panel over the baby and insert.
  8. Still holding your baby with one hand, use your free hand to put the shoulder strap on your arm.
  9. Alternate hands and hold baby with other hand while using your free hand to put the second should strap on.
  10. Buckle the chest clip behind your shoulders and across your back. If the carrier fits loosely, pull the adjustable shoulder straps for a snug fit. You want to make sure that the carrier is holding your baby close to you, where the baby is not able to slide down.
  11. Put your hands inside the carrier to check the position of your baby's legs. Make sure the baby is in the correct M-position. Knees should be slightly higher than baby's bottom. Also, check to make sure that your infant's airway is not obstructed.
  12. Monitor your baby while wearing him or her to ensure that your baby maintains an open airway at all times while being worn with chin off of chest.

NOTE: For older infants who do not need the neck support of the infant insert but still require the lifted seat for visibility and a less while seat, you can detach the bottom cushion to be used alone. If you are only using the bottom cushion, begin following the steps starting at step #5.


We recommend spot cleaning your carrier as needed with a soft cloth, soap and warm water.  Machine wash when necessary in cold water, on delicate cycle, with mild detergent. Air dry.



What size Tula should I get? Baby (Standard) or Toddler? 

The standard (Baby) Tula is recommended for children from 7-20kg (15 – 45lbs). You can use the standard Tula for newborns, combined with an infant insert 

Free to Grow extenders can also be added to the standard to lengthen the “life” of the carrier by adding to the width of the body panel.

The toddler Tula is recommended beginning when the child is a minimum of 11kg (25 pounds) and 82cm (32 inches) tall. Due to the height and width of the Toddler carrier, we do not recommend using the toddler size with a newborn or an infant below our minimum height recommendation.


This 2 year old is 86cm (34 inches) tall and weighs 12.5kg (27lbs). He fits comfortably in both the Baby Tula as well as the Toddler Tula.

What are the dimensions of a Standard Baby Tula vs a Toddler Tula? 

All of our products are handcrafted and may have slight variations in size.

The Standard Tula measures approximately 39cm (15.5”) tall, 38cm (15”) wide at the base of the panel, and 17” wide at the top of the panel. The Toddler Tula measures approximately 44.5cm (17.5”) tall, 47cm (18.5”) inches wide at the base, and 51cm (20”) wide at the top of the panel. The weight of a Tula canvas carrier is between 600g (1.5lbs) and 900g (2lbs).

Can you use an infant insert with a Toddler Tula?

No, the infant insert can only be used with a standard sized carrier. 

Does Tula fit plus sized and petite mums? 

Our carriers are designed to fit any size wearer whether they are petite or plus sized, man or woman. The waist band has 70cm (27”) of padding with an additional 73cm (29”) of webbing, which is a waist total of between approximately 70cm (27”) to 142cm (56”). We also have designed “Perfect Fit Adjusters” on the front of the shoulder strap which can be cinched down for petite wearers or extended for taller wearers.  

How long does shipping usually take?
Generally orders within Australia are shipped the same or next day and take 2 days, this can vary so here are all thedetails

Can I return my item? 
Yes you can, please clickhere for the details.